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Grounded on the belief that wholeness is accomplished by accorded tranquility of both mind and body, Terra Wellness Spa is the ideal resort spa. “Terra” is a Latin word for earth, extending to oneness with nature. This definition is clearly depicted in the mood and environment of the spa — all about de-stressing in a calm and relaxing place. Tranquility and serenity are the inspiration behind. Through specialized services, treatments, and facilities, Terra is the perfect haven for guest to float back to reality at their own pace after the treatment.

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Wellness in the Philippines embodies a profound connection between soul, body, and mind—a concept rooted in the Filipino value of “Kapwa,” which emphasizes harmonious interconnectedness with the community and all living beings. This holistic approach to wellness goes beyond physical health, nurturing a deep sense of unity and well-being.

Wherever your journey takes you in the Philippines, you’ll encounter practitioners who embody the Filipino value of “pakikipagkapwa”—a harmonious connection with fellow human beings. Whether it’s through healing therapies, shared experiences in nature, or the warmth of our hospitality, discover true wellness by connecting with others and embracing the spirit of Kapwa.

Discovery Boracay’s new spa offerings have been meticulously curated in partnership with a Department of Tourism certified trainer, ensuring an elevated and authentic Filipino brand of wellness. This collaboration reflects a commitment to showcasing the best of Filipino traditions and promoting the country’s rich wellness heritage on a global stage.

Our spa treatments and experiences are thoughtfully designed to immerse guests in the essence of Filipino culture and healing practices. Each ritual and therapy draws inspiration from ancient traditions and indigenous wisdom, offering a holistic approach to well-being that resonates with the soul, body, and mind.

By partnering with the Department of Tourism, we have access to invaluable insights and resources that enable us to refine and enhance our offerings. This collaboration allows us to stay true to our roots while also presenting a modern interpretation of Filipino wellness that appeals to discerning travelers seeking authentic experiences.

Discover Boracay’s authentic Filipino spa offerings highlight our commitment as a homegrown Filipino brand deeply rooted in our cultural heritage. We take pride in curating experiences that showcase traditional Filipino therapies like Tuub and Hingut-an, passed down through generations. Each element of our spa offerings is carefully crafted to offer guests a rejuvenating journey rooted in Filipino wellness traditions.

We invite guests to indulge in these time-honored practices, connecting with the soul, body, and mind in harmony with Filipino culture and values.


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  • BEST HOTEL IN BORACAY… NO, BEST HOTEL IN THE PHILIPPINES! Discovery Shores Boracay is Filipino hospitality at its best. Having been to different hotels in the world, I have never found a hotel where you feel the same level of hospitality, service and care from every staff member you meet. It’s beyond feeling at home.”

    Ramins, Tripadvisor

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  • THE BEST RESORT ON THE ISLAND. We have been to many resorts on Boracay, but this is the best by far. The staff are very accommodating, very nice. Kids have a kids room and an activity every 4pm. There are free snacks and snow cones poolside the whole day. The rooms are comfy and cold. The food is yummy. Definitely worth the price!”

    Xavier P, Tripadvisor

  • OUTSTANDING! You just have to experience it! Great location on Station 1, beside White Beach. Great design, superb service. The Sunsets are amazing and can’t be described, you have to experience it.”

    Engentravel, Tripadvisor