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Best New Year’s Eve Celebration in Boracay

December 13th, 2016 · by jsantiago

Boracay Island has captivated hearts because of its versatility. If you long for a peaceful, serene and relaxing getaway but would like to socialize at the same time, Boracay is the perfect destination. Most people already know the island as a popular summer destination but over the years it has also grown to be recognized […]

Discovery Shores Boracay: One of the Top Family Friendly Resorts in the Philippines

November 22nd, 2016 · by jsantiago

Photo courtesy of @oliviamreyes Are you looking for family friendly resorts in the Philippines? Search no more as Discovery Shores is among the best resorts that can ensure a fun, memorable and excellent family vacation at one of the best islands in the world. Discovery Shores Boracay is an award-winning resort and is a member […]

Christmas Beach Holiday Ideas in Boracay

November 15th, 2016 · by jsantiago

Photo courtesy of @gerardescay Are you longing for a completely different holiday experience this year? Then you’re probably looking for Christmas beach holiday ideas. The Philippines is surrounded with stunning beaches that you can explore. But it’s always the best to try those locations that have been chosen by various travelers from around the world. […]

How to Plan a Boracay Beach Wedding

October 20th, 2016 · by jsantiago

Photo courtesy of @dollinthesky Most couples dream of a unique and memorable wedding. However, planning for marriage can be a daunting task especially if you have set your mind for a destination wedding such as the dreamy Boracay Island. Luckily the internet’s existence has made wedding inspirations, ideas and tips readily available to numerous people, […]

A Boracay Luxury Beach Resort

October 12th, 2016 · by jsantiago

Photo courtesy of Grandeur Traveler Discovery Shores Boracay offers luxurious accommodations set on a gorgeous island paradise known as Boracay. Relax in the comfort of top-quality suites, delight in palate satisfying dishes, pleasure in excellent amenities and facilities, lounge by a glorious beachfront, and experience innovative and genuine brand of service. All these and so […]

What to Expect in a Boracay 5 Star Hotel

September 27th, 2016 · by jsantiago

Discovery Shores, a Boracay 5 star hotel, sits on the finest beachfront stretch of the world famous Boracay Island. Over the years, the home-grown resort has won numerous awards and recognitions. Hence, making a name not only in the local hospitality scene but also to the rest of the world. Discovery Shores Boracay has won […]

Where to Eat in Boracay

September 22nd, 2016 · by jsantiago

Boodle Fight at Discovery Shores Boracay Boracay Island offers a wide array of delicious food outlets for travelers and foodies of every kind. Being one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it is no wonder that many establishments from resorts to restaurants have been popping up left and right to accommodate the increasing […]

Boracay: A Perfect Beach Destination Wedding in the Philippines

August 17th, 2016 · by jsantiago

Do you dream of saying “I do” on white powdery sands, amid a backdrop of the calming blue skies and crystal waters? If you answered yes, then it is safe to say that a beach destination wedding in the Philippines is the perfect wedding venue for you. Boracay Island is well-known and loved for its […]

Tips When Looking for Family Friendly Resorts in the Philippines

July 28th, 2016 · by jsantiago

In recent years, the hospitality industry in the Philippines grew tremendously with renowned international and local hotels and resorts opening in the country. Now, more Filipinos enjoy an abundance of choices when looking for family friendly resorts in the Philippines. We all know that vacations are meant for rest and relaxation but often times it […]