Boracay: A Perfect Beach Destination Wedding in the Philippines

August 17, 2016 · by jsantiago · No Comments

Do you dream of saying “I do” on white powdery sands, amid a backdrop of the calming blue skies and crystal waters? If you answered yes, then it is safe to say that a beach destination wedding in the Philippines is the perfect wedding venue for you.

Boracay Island is well-known and loved for its expansive and gorgeous beaches. In fact, it is considered as a tropical haven for all kinds of travelers, mostly couples. The world famous island is undeniably a perfect beach destination wedding in the Philippines. That being said, check out this selection of some of Boracay Island’s finest beaches.

White Beach. Regarded as a hot holiday destination in Boracay Island is the famous White Beach. This is the long stretch of fine white powdery sand and is considered as Boracay’s most developed shore, lined with a variety of establishments such as restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes, and shops. White beach is an ideal setting for a sundown wedding because it is in the western side of Boracay, where the stunning sunsets are best viewed.

Puka Shell Beach (Yapak Beach). Puka Shell Beach or more commonly called as Puka Beach is a tricycle ride away from the center of Boracay Island. It is often tranquil and serene as it is further away from the busier White Beach. This piece of paradise is called Puka Beach because it is where inhabitants used to meet to collect Puka shells. Hence, if you’re looking for a more intimate spot for your wedding, this area is the perfect choice.

Bulabog Beach. Since Bulabog Beach is on the eastern side of Boracay, this is the perfect place to watch the majestic sunrise. This 2.5km long beach is known as the water sport beach of the island. When the winds are strong during November to April due to the “amihan” or northern monsoonal wind, Bulabog beach becomes ideal for kite surfing and windsurfing. The beach has earned the title No.1 Kite Boarding Beach in Asia. So for a more adventurous wedding in Boracay, this is the best venue.

Diniwid Beach. Only a short walk from White Beach’s Station 1, Diniwid Beach is great for a chill afternoon where you can spend lounging around in restaurant and bars delighting in delicious dishes or snacks with a bottle of beer or fresh fruit shake. This beach is small but highly recommendable for people who prefer a laidback and relaxing atmosphere. This beach area is more private and secluded. Thus, making it an ideal venue for intimate weddings.

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